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The mechanism of drug action is described on the basis of affects on these factors [Vata-Pitta & Kapha], and this natural complex phenomenon are understood on the basis of same fundamentals and hence the drug are more effective and safe in more complex diseases or disease which have multisystemic effects.

Selection of Therapies-The quantum of doshas, bala [physical- mental- resistance- power], agni [digestive & metabolic-capacity]& genetic- make-up are the main factors on the basis of which treatment modalities are decided.† If quantum of doshas is more in person of good bala than shodhana therapy is selected.

If quantum of doshas is less whatever the state of bala, and if state of bala is poor in spite of that the more quantum of doshas then Shamana therapy is selected.† In childhood, old age, pregnancy, lactating- mothers also Shamana treatment modality is selected. Shodhana- Panchakarma Therapy [ Detoxification Process ]

The complete purification of body or detoxification of body from disease causing agents is Shodhana therapy.† It involves a series of treatment after complete examination of disease and diseased.† It is done for two purposes

» To Maintain & Promote Health Status
» To Reverse the Diseases Process Panchakarma Therapy, it involves a series of processes- Pre-Panchakarma Therapy
The body is prepared so that all the toxins can be removed completely .The processes involved are
» Deepana - Pachana-to invoke digestive and metabolic fire of the person with the help of some herbal tea & specific diet regimens.
» Snehana (oleation) -Internal and external uses of medicated oil/ ghee to dislodge accumulated. This process takes 3, 5 or 7 days.
» Svedana (Steam Therapy)
-It is given with suitable herbal water after oleation to open all the channels& to expel the circulating toxins into gut.

Panchakarma Therapy, Specific type of Shodhana therapeutic measure is selected among 5 processes for specific type of disease and type of toxins-

» Vamana
(Therapeutic Emesis)-to expel out toxins of Kapha category through induced vomiting.† More than 600 formulations are described in Charaka Samhita for different diseases conditions for Vamana.†
» Virechana
(Therapeutic Purgation)-this process of purification is done in the diseased person having disorders of pittaj type or in health person whom Pitta dosha is vitiated.† More than 900 formulations are used for purgation in different kind of disease.†
» Asthapana
(Therapeutic Enema with herbal Water)-this process is carried out to pacify the Vata.† It is done in person in whom Vata is vitiated/ Vata is main factor in manifestation of disorders.
» Anuvasana
(Therapeutic Enema with herbal oil)-this process is a part of complete process of vasti, practically after every Asthapana vasti. It can be done alone also to pacify Vata and for rejuvenation & regeneration.
» Nasya
(Medication through Nose) -this processes is done to expel out toxins from supra-clavicle region and used in disease conditions.

Post Panchakarma Therapy Care
After eliminating the toxins by using one / more Panchakarma process, special diet regimen and lifestyle is advised and slowly; gradually the person is put on regular diet.†

Shaman Therapy [Integral Health Care management]
The goal of Shamana therapy is to cure the manifested disorder; without any side effect. Herbal Food Supplements at Vedanta Ayurveda are natural, pure, organic, non-hormonal, non-steroidal herbs extracts are mixed based on state, type of disease & type of basic physiological-metabolic-immune-genetic make up of patient, but we have developed some general formulations based on leads from authentic Ayurveda classics which are found effective in more than 80% of the patients of various diseases, which can be used along with other type of treatments & to strengthen/ rejuvenate that particular organ/ system.

The Mechanisms of Ayurveda Therapeutic Models
» Roganashini - Alleviation of disease
» Prakritisthapini - Regain of health status and maintenance
» Urajaskara therapy - Promotion of health status & augmentation of immune status

This is achieved by selection of proper drug, diet regimen along with the required changes in life style depending upon the type of disease and nature of diseased from major six ways
» Hetuviparita -Antagonist to the nature of etiological factors to neutralize them
» Vyadhiviparita -To reverse the pathogenesis of disease
» Hetu-vyadhiviparita-Combination of 1 + 2
» Hetutadarthakari -Agonist to the nature of etiological factors
» Vyadhitadarthakari -The medicine that can produce the similar type of disease.
» Hetuvyadhitadarthabari-Combination of 4 + 5