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The principles of Vedanta are adopted in understanding the various dimensions of life in Ayurveda. By applying ayurveda methods the quality and span of social and personal health & disease status can be diagnosed and; integral personalized therapeutics are documented to restore, maintain and upgrade Health in Ayurveda Classics, some of them are tested on modern tools that are found to be true.

The five elements- Akasha (dark particles), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Ap (water) and Prithvi (earth) termed as Panchamahabhuta are the smallest units of every exist able entities. These five basic elements get manifested in three Doshas [physiological units] - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The concentration of the doshas in gametes at time of fertilization forms particular biological traits [Prakriti] & can be analyzed by phenotypes & physiological variations within the normal individuals. This process takes place under the influence of senses, mind & soul, accordingly carryout the life of that person & is termed as Prakriti that is one of the major factor in deciding the present and future health status of that person and deciding the life- style-dietary regimen & treatment modalities. The body, senses, mind & soul are the four components of Integral health.

The activities of these five elements in the diet and drugs are studied on the basis of concentration gradients of six Rasas (taste/active principles) - Madhura [sweat], Amla [sour], Lavana [salty], Katu [acrid, / pungent], Tikta [bitter] and Kashaya [astringent].

†Integral Health - is defined as a equilibrium state (qualitatively / quantitatively) of dosha, proper functioning of Agni, proper formation and compactness of seven basic dhatu, excretion of mala, soundness of senses, mind and soul.
Health is a dynamic phenomenon in view of Ayurveda & demands active participation of the human being by following the biological requirements in terms of dietary-stuffs habits, & lifestyle adoption depending on environmental variations

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